TrigonX Custody Services

Protect and secure your digital assets under a regulated Trust Company to ensure peace of mind

TrigonX are a facilitator of Crypto Asset Custodial Services

Regulated Custodian

As a registered Australian Company, TrigonX provides customers the option for assets to be held by regulated third party custodians.

Asset Protection

TrigonX uses 100% cold storage ensuring that your crypto assets remain secure and will be available to meet investor redemption and verification requirements. Our custody model protects custodied assets by ensuring that they are never commingled with assets held in customer trading accounts.

Verification & Reporting

Verify your custody account balance and holdings 24/7 with personalised access through TrigonX's Custody Services. Receive regular and auditable consolidated reporting, including market and performance valuations for your asset portfolio. Reporting is done at monthly, quarterly and annual intervals.

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